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Red Reposter - Sweeps & Steals

That was a fiiiiiine lookin' week of baseball.

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Yay for Jay!
Yay for Jay!
Jamie Sabau

Dayn Perry thinks the Reds had the best week of any team in baseball.  I'm not about to argue with him.  A+ is reserved for not just kickin' tail, but kickin' tail better than anyone else can kick tail, and that's just the kind of tail kickin' the Reds have been doing of late.

John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer chimed in with some insight following last night's thriller, too.  Of note:  Dusty's excited, the team's excited, Hanigan loves the bullpen right now, and Paul Daugherty is in the process of writing an article asking for Homer Bailey to apologize for using the word "damn."  I'd tell you what Homer had to say about the fact that he's been damn awesome and nearly damn unhittable, but I was too damn taken aback by his usage of the word "damn" to formulate any damn coherent comment about it.  That's a lost opportunity on my part, so therefore it's a lost opportunity for you, too.  Damn.

Johnny Cueto threw 30 pitches of batting practice to his teammates, he looked good, and he's close to stepping up his rehab into a simulated game.  If you read what Aaron Gleeman reports about Jeremy Warnemuende's report, you'll see...that...Cueto threw 30 pitches of batting practice, looked good, and is close to throwing a simulated game.  LINKS ON LINKS ON LINKS ON LINKS.

So there's this guy named Billy Hamilton, and he's kind of fast.  C. Trent Rosecrans gives us a chance to see Billy through a very unique set of eyes:  Polly Hamilton's, Billy's mother.  I'm a sucker for these kinds of articles, for no other reason than because it lets us view the Reds' players not as demigod-like superstars who occupy our TVs and our free time, but more like people that grew up sharing bathrooms with their sister, people that wore holes through their tennis shoes from using their heels as brakes when riding bikes - like us.

C. Trent also explains the Billy Hamilton/postseason roster dilemma by thankfully concluding that there isn't one.  If the Reds want Billy in the dugout as a potential pinch-runner for the playoffs, they'll have no problem making that happen.