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This Week in JPEGs: Hi, Chris Welsh!

Stupid pictures drawn for idiots by a moron.

Dusty Reacts to BP and C. Trent
Dusty Reacts to BP and C. Trent
picture courtesy of me, you idiots

Wow, what a week! It feels like last week was just a few days ago. So many things happened, as well as a bunch of stuff. I mean, boy! All of a sudden, it's Friday and I owe you some JPEGs.

Last week's winner is titled Dusty Reacts to BP and C. Trent. That makes two weeks in a row that a picture of Dusty has taken the prize. Can he make it three in a row, or will I intentionally not draw a picture of Dusty this week just to be a bitch?

Beeker Meets Chris Welsh and Jim Kelch

In case you missed it, BK (and his charming girlfriend) were surprisingly personally invited up to the booth by Reds' broadcaster Chris Welsh. Chris has mentioned on air a number of times that he reads Red Reporter and is a fan. BK was in Denver for this past weekend's set against the Rockies and word got 'round to Chris. So, being the magnanimous and friendly guy that he is, he invited BK in. Kelch wasn't sure why in the hell.


Awwww, good for you, little buddy!

Billy Hamilton's Stupefying Speed

Billy Hamilton made his Major League debut this week, if only as a pinch-runner. In both Tuesday's and Wednesday's game, he was inserted into the game to run for Ryan Ludwick. In both Tuesday's and Wednesday's game, he stole second base and went on to score. Kolton Wong went all banana brains because of it.


Der Weltanschauung

I had planned to draw a kind of neo-deconstructivist monolithic piece that attempted to encapsulate the entire zeitgeist of Reds' baseball this year. Sort of like The Decameron meets History of the World: Part I. All of the anxiety, expectation, thrill, and mania of this season came sharply into focus for me a few days ago, and not just abstractly either. It manifested itself in a clear and obvious statement and I feverishly attempted to get it on to the page before it slipped away.

But it's not finished, so here's something else I slapped together.

Yadi Molina is Still a Toilet