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Red-io Reporter - Afternoon Drive Edition

Listen up, y'hear?!

Slidin' Billy!
Slidin' Billy!
Joe Robbins

The guys at 1450 The Sports Buzz were kind enough to squeeze me into their Tuesday show this week (since there wasn't a Monday show thanks to national cook burgers and eat 'em day), so I got a chance to talk with Perrin Johnson and Trevor Kelsey one more time about the comings and goings of the Cincinnati Reds season.

We touched on the disappointment of losing 2 of 3 to the Colorado Rockies, the potential impact of one Billy Hamilton to the Reds' strategy, exactly how important this current series vs. the St. Louis Cardinals is in regards to the Reds' hopes for winning the NL Central, and how twitter is to blame for most everything wrong with the planet these days.

Humblebrag Alert: I also mentioned that there was a likelihood that we'd see Billy Hamilton used in close game scenarios akin to Dave Roberts role for the 2004 Boston Red Sox in their American League Championship Series against the New York Yankees, and, well, we all saw how things played out about four hours later in the latter stages of Tuesday's 1-0 win over the Cardinals.

It was a bit of an abbreviated segment, but I'm on for about the last 11 minutes of the broadcast (around the 75 minute mark, methinks).  Check it!