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Red Reposter/Retweeter: Bunts, Base Burglar, and Beers

When in doubt, bunt!

Joe Robbins

The home team lost a tough one last night - With two swings Matt Adams provided more offense than the 77 bunts the Reds attempted last night. Dusty made it clear that Chris Heisey's bunt attempt in the 15th inning was not called from the bench. Heisey was trying to bunt for a hit. Blame the pupil all you want, but when the teacher continually calls for "small-ball" this is what happens. Joey Votto had a rough night as well, going 0-7 for the first time in his career. He also made a costly mistake in the field which led to one of the Cardinals runs. If you've listened to any games on radio lately, it's pretty clear that Marty has a new whipping boy...

While Votto has looked a little "off" lately, it's important to keep things in perspective:

"The Obviousness of Billy Hamilton" - Great piece from FanGraphs on Billy Hamilton's exciting debut. Perhaps forgotten in the heart-bunting loss last night was Billy changing the game with a stolen base yet again. Yadier Molina tried to fake interference from Zack Cozart, but in the end Hamilton's speed was just too much. It's really fun to watch that dude on the bases, even if he's not a "game changer."

Which MLB teams have the most expensive beer? - While GABP isn't number one on the list, we still rank in the top ten for most expensive beer. Is that due to having a large craft beer selection? I don't know, but maybe there's a correlation here with the recent "low attendance" debate. Going to baseball games is expensive. If you want more butts in seats, bringing beer prices down to the MLB average might help... Maybe.

This... is priceless.

And finally, the woo was in full force last night. Since I can't say it any better myself, this...