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I Don't Give a Damn for the Whole State of New York: Reds lose 2-4

Because I'm from O-HI-O

"I got a hot date with Madville tonight." "What do I care? I'm sleeping with a Doctor!"
"I got a hot date with Madville tonight." "What do I care? I'm sleeping with a Doctor!"
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The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Zach Duke got seven outs and got himself a single in his quest to get paiiiid next year, so good for him. He'll also get a TJNMHSotG on his mantle.

Choo went 2-4 with a triple, and Ludwick also had a 2-4 day. It's nice to see Choo succeeding against some lefties. It's nice to see Ludwick succeed against anyone.

Key Plays

  • The Reds managed to do the rare "no runs on three hits" thing in the first.
  • The Mets, however, got 4 runs on 6 hits in the second. And ended Leake's day. Welp.
  • Both of the Reds' RBIs came on groundouts, one by Mesoraco and one by Votto.
  • The final score of this game was Reds 2, Mets 4.


Source: FanGraphs

Other Notes:

  • The Cards' Wacha almost threw a no-hitter and Gerrit Cole of Pittsburgh was almost as good. Both of them won, so the Reds are 3 behind StL, 1 behind PIT.
  • The only way for a three-way tie to happen would be for the Cards to go 0-4 and the Reds to take 2 of 3 in the next series.
  • Dusty's being polite and all, but I think that Leake won't be on this postseason roster either. The guy is just too dang hittable sometimes; he'd fill the same role as Simon but with less trust. The only way I can see him getting on is if Cingrani definitely can't go and Cueto is definitely starting.
  • Can't really think of any songs, but Dom Hemingway looks like a good movie.
  • Oh. Here's one. The season is almost over now almost over now.
  • My favorite Christian Rock came up in a related video for that, so I'm gonna link it here.
  • Addendum:

    Vic Black had a saucy thing to say after notching the save, thanks to Sheldon's recap:

    You want to break people's hearts. So to be able to get that feeling of knowing how to play these games and what to do in these situations and these environments is huge. And especially against the Reds, I've never really liked the Reds.

    He says his uncle always told him to hate the Reds. Not sure what a kid born in '88 in Amarillo, TX could have against the Reds, but you know what? Great. I come from the "I was put on this Earth to ruin someone's day" school of sporting competition, and I'm glad to see that Vic was an underclassman when I was there. He was traded from the Pirates (who hate the Reds) for Marlon Byrd (whom Joey Votto had the great anti-Cubs dig at), so I'm glad to see this parallel universe of Reds hatred."Vic Black" is also a great dastardly name, like someone played by Edward G. Robinson in a black-and-white B-movie. So I'm glad this happened.

    Series finale is at 12:35 ET today; Dice-K versus Mat. See y'all there.