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BOOM Goes the Votto-mite - Reds beat Pirates 6-5

September baseball. Pennant race. This is fun, right?

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Joey Votto only recorded one hit on this evening, but it happened to be the game winner. On a night where the Reds didn't receive the great pitching we've grown accustom to and opportunities were lost, Votto delivered the dagger in the tenth inning with a wall-scraping opposite-field home-run.

Honorable mention to Devin Mesoraco who saved the day when all hope seemed to be lost, delivering the game-tying hit with two-out in the 9th inning. And, oh hey... Billy Hamilton made a significant impact yet again with a stolen base to set-up Mesoraco's heroics. Also worthy, Ryan Ludwick, who reminded us why Walk Jocketty offered the aging outfielder a two-year contract this off-season. Luddy went 3-for-5 and got the Reds started with a run scoring hit in the first inning.

Key Plays

  • The Reds took the lead in the top of the 1st when Brandon Phillips walked and proceeded to steal 2nd. After a Votto ground-out advanced BP to third, Old Man Luddy delivered a solid single to center scoring the first run of the game.
  • The Reds lead was short-lived, as the first two Pirates hitters spoiled any hope Mat Latos had for a dominant performance. Jose Tabata lead-off the Pirates' first with a solo dinger and Neil Walker followed suited. Latos gathered himself after allowing McCutchen and Morneau to reach base, limiting the Buccos to 2 runs.
  • After falling behind by 3 runs, Todd Frazier provided some hope in the 5th, leading off the inning with a solo shot to deep center-field.
  • The Pirates and Jose Tabata struck again in the 8th with a single scoring Jody Mercer to give the Pirates a 3 run lead, once again causing Reds fans across the nation to lose hope.
  • The Reds' 9th inning began with Votto failing to earn his paycheck, but Ludwick delivered a single to keep the dream alive. After Jay Bruce failed to live up to his potential, Todd Frazier stepped to the plate. On a routine ground-ball, short-stop Jody Mercer mysteriously threw the ball several feet wide of 1st, allowing Ludwick to score and Zack Cozart came to the plate representing the tying run. Cozart singled and the stage was set.
  • Billy "ma fuggin" Hamilton entered the game to run for Cozart and guess what... He stole a base! The Reds had the tying run at 2nd base with Devin Mesoraco at the dish.
  • On a 2-2 count after seeing 9 pitches, Meso smashed a ground-ball which deflected off the third-baseman's glove. With Hamilton on 2nd, the Pirates never had a chance. Game tied.
  • 10th inning. JOEY VOTTO! Reds WIN!

Votto FanGraph

Source: FanGraphs

Other Notes

  • This Hamilton kid might be a nice little weapon, eh?
  • The Reds won a game that seemed lost very early, against a division rival, with only 9 games left in the season, on the road, with everything on the line.
  • The Reds are tied for 2nd in the division and tied for the top wildcard spot. The season series with the Pirates? Also a tie.
  • I'm not Mibby, please be patient with me.
  • Four in a row, keep rollin'.
  • Tunes? Let's get it on!
  • Eh hey hey