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This Week in JPEGs: Starring Billy Hamilton!

We should just start calling this place Billy Hamilton Reporter uh-hyuk.

Reds Sweep Up Dodgers
Reds Sweep Up Dodgers
picture courtesy of me, you idiots

Another week has gone by in Redsland, so let's see all the dumb pictures I drew about it! Last week's winner was titled Reds Sweep Up Dodgers. It earned just 39% of the votes, giving it a four-vote victory in the closest vote in this stupid thing so far.

This week is pretty much all about Billy Hamilton because, well, he's so danged interesting. He's really all anyone can talk about. That's saying something too, because this pennant race is by far the most exciting one in baseball. The anxiety is unbearable. I hope it lasts forever.

Billy Goes to Outer Space!

This one was inspired by ken (good job, ken!). With the Reds in Houston, ken expressed his concern that Billy could have some trouble with Tal's Hill out in center field. Not that he could hurt himself, but that he could run too fast up the hill and end up in orbit. So here's what that might look like:


Make sure to pack some Tang, dude!

Big Bruce n' Lil Billy

Wednesday night's game against the Astros was quite a thriller, going 13 innings before the Reds claimed the victory and capped the sweep. The two biggest stars of the game were Jay Bruce and Billy Hamilton. The two provided the thunder and lightning, the iron and quicksilver, the bang and the flash, and so on. Bruce cracked three doubles and drove in three runs while Billy was on base five times and stole four bases.


Marshall Returns to Rude Reception

Sean Marshall has had a rough season. He has made only a handful of appearances due to a balky shoulder and only very recently got healthy enough to make his return to the team. He had been gone and his locker had been unused and empty for so long that the space was commandeered by a teammate for ... other purposes. Marshall was none too pleased.