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Red Reposter - Billy. Billy, BILLY!

Sliding Billy Hamilton made some noise last night.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

- "Your Billy Hamilton Factoid of the Day" - Dave Cameron breaks down the incredible value Billy Hamilton has provided on the base paths in very limited action. Everyone still wonders if the dude can hit enough to be effective, but man what a weapon he could be...

Our hero, Billy Hamilton, is tied for 8th in the NL in stolen base runs. He made his major league debut two weeks ago. He started his first big league game yesterday. He has come to bat just nine times. And he's already tied for 8th in the NL in runs added through base stealing. He's got a pretty good chance at finishing the season in the top five.

- It's very difficult to stop Hamilton from stealing - Baseball America breaks down Billy's speed and the timing necessary to throw him out. One scout says that Hamilton is faster than Rickey Henderson in his prime. Wowzer. As we saw last night, even a pitch-out isn't enough to nab Billy.



- Apparently, the "butt tag" made it on The Today Show this morning:

- Hamilton's family missed out on his first MLB hit - C. Trent has the story.

- Then there's this...

- Jonny Gomes apparently tried out for the Patriots.

- Bernie Miklasz asks the question: Matt Carpenter - MVP?