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Red Reposter: Rooting for a Perfect Ten

Ten games left to gain 2.5 games sounds difficult. "Sounds."

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"Listen baby, it's not what it seems. His face ran into my butt."
"Listen baby, it's not what it seems. His face ran into my butt."
Bob Levey

I suppose the Reds aren't in a bad position. I suppose that there are 11 teams who would just love to be in the Reds' position. Still, they're 1.5 behind the Pirates with 6 games to play 'em, and 2.5 behind the Cardinals. The blackest parts of my heart kind of want to sweep the Pirates and see if the Nats can overtake them, but seriously, I just want to win the golldanged division.

Greg Reynolds gets the start tonight at 8:10 as the Reds shuffle their rotation to get the most guys in against the Pirates. I'm actually pretty nonplussed about Reynolds, which is a great compliment for a team's #7 starter. Also in there, Votto has the longest hitting streak in Minute Maid history at 23 games and the Astros have faced the Reds more than any other team in their history. Neat.

Cozart's been hitting like a GG/MVP candidate since August began, over .300 from the bottom of the order. He credits his beginning to go the other way with an outside pitch, which, if true, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING ALL YOUR LIFE? I'm glad to see him hit well though. He always has a professional-looking approach, just, you know, the pop-ups. Both him and Mesoraco seem to drive me crazy in that regard. Also in this link: Reds tweets about having a fire alarm in their hotel.Okay.

Bob Tewksbury on how to get the best hitters of the 1990s out. A fascinating little read on what will apparently become a series for Fangraphs, as The Guy I Always Confused With Dan Quisenberry talks about 90s baseball. Larkin makes an appearance. How do you get Barry out? Cheat.

Grading the unwritten rules: Jose Fernandez. If you haven't read this yet, you probably should. Old news by now, though.

NFL: "So you think we have a concussion problem?" The NFL, which is terrible, cites baseballers' concussion histories as reason why they shouldn't care about footballers' concussion histories. The NFL is terrible.

And now, your news of the weird/scary/insane/whatever. AA Turkish man killed the English woman he was in love with. It's a strange little story: apparently she never told her family that they were lovers and perhaps they weren't. But he told his family they were married. Just a tragic little story that you may enjoy while waiting for baseball to start.

SPECIAL EDIT THE FINEST MUFFINS UPDATE THAT Y'ALL ELSE WOULD PROBABLY LIKE, TOO: This thing Mere Phantoms I saw at the Istanbul Bienale and is totally like the coolest arts and crafts project ever. The video doesn't really get going until ~:30, but check it out!