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Roster Moves: Cueto and Marshall Activated, Lotzkar and Ravin DFA'd.

Oh how I've missed you, Johnny.

Show me that smile again.
Show me that smile again.
Jonathan Daniel

To the Twitters!

The astute reader will note that the Reds made a couple of roster moves today, bringing our old pals Johnny Cueto and Sean Marshall back to the 40-man roster.  The corresponding moves have Kyle Lotzkar and Josh Ravin designated for assignment.

Both Ravin and Lotzkar had pretty horrendous years, and don't stand much of a chance, if any, to be plucked by another organization.  Ravin put up a 5.82 ERA in 51 innings with Pensacola and Louisville, while the Hurt Lotzkar was even worse, with an 8.05 ERA in 38 relief innings in Pensacola and Bakersfield.  Unfortunately, the once highly touted Canadian looks like he might be toast.

While we knew that Cueto would return today, the Marshall news comes as a pleasant surprise.  Hopefully the Reds can score a lot of runs and give Marshall a low-leverage appearance or two in this series before the Reds head to Pittsburgh.