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This Week in JPEGs: Reds Sweep, Cubs Ruin, Pete Hits

Fortified with vitamin LOL

Billy Hamilton's Stupefying Speed or: The Hamiltornado
Billy Hamilton's Stupefying Speed or: The Hamiltornado
picture courtesy of me, you idiots

Because of baseball, the Reds, Microsoft, the cycles of the moon, and heaven's divine providence, we now have This Week in JPEGs. Last week's JPEG o' the Week was titled Billy Hamilton's Stupefying Speed, or colloquially, The Hamiltornado. It earned 53% of your votes, a clear majority. This in spite of competition from two Red Reporter favorites, making fun of BK for his height and making fun of Yadi Molina for his toiletness.

It was another weird week in Reds baseball as they swept the formidable Dodgers and lost two of three to the pathetic Cubs. Who knows, man. This season has been bizarre.

Reds Sweep Up Dodgers

As mentioned above, the big ol' swankin' Dodgers came into town with a big lead in the NL West and something like an .800 winning percentage over the past few months. It didn't matter though. The Reds clutched out one-run wins in all three games in what was probably the most exciting non-playoff series I've seen in years. Great American Ballpark was vibrating with an October atmosphere and the quality of baseball from both teams was amazing. Still, the Reds took care of business.


/brushes hands triumphantly

Cubs Ruin Everything

And then the dang Cubs ruined it all. Taking six of seven from the Cardinals and Dodgers turned a lot of heads. Big heads too, like guys at Yahoo! and SI and MLB Network and even ESPN. But the Reds lost the first two games to the Cubs by a combined score of 11-1. Crap!


TDIRH/TWIJPEGs Crossover Event: H/T to Hit King

Wednesday marked the 28th anniversary of Pete Rose passing Ty Cobb's all-time hits record. Grahamophone detailed it in his more-often-than-not above-average column, This Day in Reds History. So in honor of Pete, TDIRH and TWIJPEGs are teaming up (oh hey, Grahamy, we're gonna team up on this one, okay?) to bring you this first-ever crossover event! It's like all those times Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice did this. Or like when R2D2 was appointed emergency director of FEMA after that wildfire on The West Wing.


Keep swingin', Pete!