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Red Reposter: Okay.

Schedule for 2014 is out! Unfortunately everything else is stupid.

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Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

The Reds will begin 2014 the way the Cardinals will end it, playing St. Louis in Great American Ballpark. Opening Day is a Monday this time around, which seems weird. They'll also go to Yankee Stadium after the ASB and have a two-gamer in Fenway. They'll end against the Pirates again, which is strange. Also strange is one game in San Diego after a four-game series in San Francisco. And a road trip that involves both the Diamondbacks and the Marlins. But hey, at least they ain't the Mariners, who haven't had a home opener in six years.

Cingrani didn't talk to the media after he left early, and Baker seems a bit flummoxed. Fortunately, the Reds have a ton of off-days, so they should be able to figure something out. I made a three-starters-at-once joke earlier, but the Reds may actually do that in a week with Cueto/Cingrani/Reynolds. Weird.

Marshall is coming back soon.That's cool. Also the Reds used their Opening Day lineup for the third time this season last night, which is funny weird, not funny ha-ha. Everything is weird in this Reposter.

Erardi has a snarky little thing on baserunning errors for the Reds this year.

Maybe they'll all spend this summer getting spanked by Billy Hamilton's mom.

Interesting Fangraphs thing on Pittsburghs's lack of power hthis year.

Istanbul is not an Olympic City

, if you were wondering.

Sorry this is a shitty reposter. It's a long seaosn.