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Red-io Reporter - Afternoon Drive Edition

Yellin' at a microphone through the stretch run!

"Did you hear Kevin Mitchell is Batman on the radio?  HE WAS HILARIOUS!"
"Did you hear Kevin Mitchell is Batman on the radio? HE WAS HILARIOUS!"
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday was Monday (they start every week), and that meant I got to kerhyuck my way through 20 minutes with Trevor Kelsey and Perrin Johnson on 1450 The Sports Buzz's Afternoon Drive.

We talked about Billy Hamilton (who isn't talking about Billy Hamilton?), the Reds recent series wins against the St. Louis Cardinals and Los Angeles Dodgers, the Reds' chances of winning the National League Central, Brandon Phillips' recent cold streak, Todd Frazier's potential to ride his hot streak, and the successes of the Reds' pitching staff since the All Star break.  I also predicted the Reds would win 5 of their games this week, so you can thank Travis Wood for guaranteeing your ability to gamble effectively between now and Sunday.

Unless, of course, I'm a crap prognosticator who pulls a random number out of my brain when put on the spot on live radio.  I suppose there's a reasonable chance that's the case.

Anyway, tune in!  The Fugees and I join in at the 59 minute mark, and who doesn't love listening to Lauryn, Pras, and Wickliffe?

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