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Red Reposter - Happy birthday, Joey Votto!

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Kirby at Redleg Nation breaks down the stats for the rotation
in an attempt to determine who should start a potential Wild Card elimination game. He counts out Leake and Cingrani before tabbing Homer as his man. I agree that the choice is basically between Ace-tos, No-Hit Homer, and Saturn Nuts, but I'll be damned if I know who I'd pick. Put a gun to my head today, I'd say either Homer or Latos. And then you'd shoot me for not making a decision. But as long as they won, I'd probably be okay. Well, I'd probably be dead, but if it didn't kill me and maybe just grazed me or something, I'd be okay.

Jonathan Broxton gave Homer Bailey a saddle
Broxy had the custom saddle made for Homer as a gift for his two no-hitters. When asked why, Broxy just nodded his head and Homer said, "Mmm hmm."

Celebrate Joey Votto's 30th birthday with a quiz!
Happy birthday, big guy.

My Wladdy Balentien will most likely eclipse the Japanese single-season home run record
within the next week or so. He hit his 54th of the season yesterday, just one shy of the record set by Sadaharu Oh and tied by Tuffy Rhodes and Alex Cabrera. Get at it, Wladdy!

Grant Brisbee, usually a good read and a solid human being
is now stupid, dumb, and probably ugly and smelly, too. But I haven't seen him or smelled him, so that last bit is just speculation on my part.

Still, Briz writes that the Cardinals are the best organization in baseball. He supports his argument by pointing out that crappy to decent players like Allen Craig, Matt Carpenter, and Yadi Molina turned into MVP candidates. They do this crap all the time. This would have never happened in Pittsburgh or Seattle. I can't really argue his points, but he is still probably smelly.