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Red Reposter: Another Off-Day?

Sweeping A's, taking off-days and Jay's making plays in all kinds of ways.

Harry How

It's 1990 all over again... The Reds Sweep the A's! Well, maybe not quite as exciting as the 1990 World Series, but we'll take it. Jay Bruce and Corky Miller carried both the boom-sticks and leather for the Reds yesterday. Bruce is capable of carrying this team, as he's shown in the past. In this series, he hit a monster home-run and made a nice running catch. Oh and he teamed up with Corky Miller for this game-saving play.

"When your kid wants soup, you get him soup," - Corky had some family in town for yesterday's game. They picked a good game to attend. His two sons (5 & 8 years old) were witness to one of Corky's finest games at the major-league level. Surely a memory they won't forget.

Chad Dotson argues that Homer Bailey has turned into an ace. - If you are familiar with Chad's work at Redleg Nation, you know that he has been firmly in the pro-Homer camp for years. This year has been a strange year for Bailey. He's having the best season of his career when you look at the peripherals and advanced metrics. His ERA is solid, but not terrific. And if you still look at "wins" for pitchers, you would think Bailey's having a poor season.

The Cardinals got a big scare last night - Promising young pitcher Shelby Miller took a line-drive off his elbow in the first inning. It appeared as though Miller could've been seriously injured. However, we now know that he'll be okay.