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Red-io Reporter: Is Dusty's Job in Jeopardy?

Red Reporter on the radio with 95.5 The Game in Columbus.

Jamie Sabau

I joined Matt Finkes and Arch Madness this morning on the FN'A Show to discuss our beloved Redlegs. After a tough weekend, I tried my best to offer some optimism for the rest of the season. Matt and Arch open by asking if Dusty Baker's job may be on the line. That conversation quickly transitioned to the misuse of Aroldis Chapman.

To brighten things up, I tried to explain that the Reds remaining schedule offers the opportunity for this team to make a run - 28 f the remaining 50 games are against really bad teams. Likewise, the Reds will play the Cardinals and Pirates a total of 13 more times this season, providing the chance to make up ground.

If you've got 8 minutes to kill, give it a listen.