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Red-io Reporter - Afternoon Drive Edition

Chit chattin', chat chittin', that almost sounds like a curse word, bada-bing bada-boom HOOO WEEE SPAGHETTI.

Lead us to the promised land, Joe Dan.
Lead us to the promised land, Joe Dan.
Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, I joined Trevor Kelsey, Perrin Johnson, and David Yates on The Afternoon Drive on 1450 The Sports Buzz out of Louisville today despite the fact that we had no Reds baseball to talk about since they didn't have any games this past weekend.

Instead, we talked about Johnny Manziel, Biogenesis, Alex Rodriguez vs. Alex Roidriguez, Johnny Football, Johnny Football, Megalodon, whether the Washington Post was worth more than the Boston Globe, Alex Manzriguez, Johnny Football, and just how badly the Cincinnati Reds would have beaten the St. Louis Cardinals had they actually had a chance to play baseball games this weekend.

Stupid sinkhole ruined everything.

My guess is that had the Reds faced off against St. Louis this weekend, we probably would've talked about how Joey Votto is as hot as a firecracker of late (.339/.465/.554 in 71 PA since the All-Star break, with a 95 RBI-per-162-games-played pace for those that give a poop), how Dan Straily is the most regular everyday normal guy name ever who also happens to pitch like the most regular everyday normal guy ever, whether Bartolo Colon eating too much Skyline chili could hinder his performance on Wednesday, and whether Ryan Ludwick would be enough of an offensive improvement for the Reds to eschew any additions before the end of the waiver period. Or something like that.

I join in right at the 46 minute mark, so tune in and listen! Do it! I may might maybe pay you lots of money if you do but probably won't. I won't.