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Help Out The Reds Community Fund By Tweeting!

It's the Friday before a holiday weekend, you're not being productive at work anyways.

Not unless you use the right hashtag, Mr. Redleg. @Reds #Whiff
Not unless you use the right hashtag, Mr. Redleg. @Reds #Whiff
Joe Robbins

We're all going to be exceptionally unproductive at our jobs today because we're going to be dreaming of beer, grilling, and getting our last opportunity to wear white this year without others chastising us. So, in the interim, why not fill that void in time by helping out the Reds Community Fund by adding @Reds and #Whiff to all your Tweets?

The Reds are currently neck and neck with the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Head & Shoulders #Whiff Campaign. At the end of the month, the team with more mentions alongside a #whiff hashtag will get $10,000 donated to their team's charity. In the Reds' instance, this means the Reds Community Fund which has done some spectacular work in the region over the past decade.

The Community Fund began with the hopes of creating programming that connects at-risk children with baseball. Since its inception, the Fund has blossomed into one of the largest charitable outfits in Reds Country. The funded programs include a league for 6-12 year olds and a youth baseball program that underwrites expenses for 325 inner-city teams. Perhaps the most identifiable accomplishment of the fund is their renovation of over 300 youth baseball fields. Every year, the Reds Community Fund aids in the lives of over 35,000 youth throughout Reds Country. You can learn more about the Reds Community Fund by going to their website.

So, if you're on Twitter today, be sure to add @Reds and #Whiff to all of your tweets to help out the Reds Community Fund. Or, in the alternative, retweet every tweet you see including @Reds and #Whiff because retweets also count. The Reds are undefeated in Twitter contests sponsored by Major League Baseball, so help to make sure they do not lose their crown. If you're afraid about being muted on Twitter by your followers, don't worry about that. Nobody was reading your tweets anyway.