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This Week in JPEGs: Dusty Reacts to BP and C. Trent, Juice Box Hero, and Untitled (2013)

Put your looking eyeballs in. It's time for some looking.

Dusty Takes Off the Bunt
Dusty Takes Off the Bunt
picture courtesy of me, you idiots

It's Friday, y'all! Welcome to this week's edition of This Week in JPEGs, a weekly thing in which we look at the week in JPEGs. [APPLAUSE]

Last week's winner was titled Dusty Takes Off the Bunt. It earned 63% of your votes. So this week, I have more Dusty Reax for you!

Dusty Reacts to BP and C. Trent

Look, this was one of the biggest news stories of the last week in Reds baseball. I knew it would be difficult for me not to comment on it, but it was even harder to figure out what to say. So I decided to focus on Dusty's reaction to the event rather than the event itself. (If you haven't seen the video yet, it's in yesterday's Reposter.)

I saw a surprising universality in Dusty's face. He is just as confused and unsure of how to compute what is happening as we all are. First, it kinda seems funny. But then he realizes there is no punchline coming. That's the moment I tried to recreate here.


Juice Box Hero (Got Stars in His Eyes)

Since Ryan Ludwick returned from the DL, Chris Heisey has stoically returned to his role of fourth outfielder. He gets in the game every now and again (he has 10 PAs in the last week), but mostly he just sits and waits. He hears the roar of the crowd, he pictures the scene.

He hit two home runs in those 10 PAs. He's just gotta keep on rockin'. He knows one day he's gonna make it to the top.

He's the juice box hero. He's got stars in his eyes.


Untitled (2013)

This week's series in St. Louis was ... difficult to process. The Reds went into the series 3½ games out of first place, and they ended the series 3½ games out of first place. As a fan, I experienced some of the lowest lows of the season and some of the highest highs. So much happened, but little resulted. It was a tempest in a teapot, a violent, identity-challenging dichotomy that left me completely unchanged.

This next JPEG is meant as a multimedia piece. Please follow the link for the relevant audio portion of this art experience.


I dunno, man. Just what the hell was that?