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Red Reposter: Oh BP...

Reds All-Stars vs. The World

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The Reds were "Marty McFly punching out Biff Tannen" last night, according to our friend and St. Louis scribe Bernie Miklasz. The team really needed that win last night and it was great to see them beat up on one of baseball's best pitchers. Sporting a fancy new line-up, the Reds offense dominated Adam Wainwright, who lasted only 2 innings. Brandon Phillips got hits, Joey Votto walked, and Jay Bruce drove them in. That's alright with me.

So this happened...

There's not a whole lot to say about this that hasn't already been said. Chances are we don't know the entire story at this point, and we probably never will. Nonetheless, this 40 seconds of video is fascinating on many levels. The best thing about this video is that neither C. Trent Rosecrans nor Brandon Phillips appear in the video, just their voices. Instead, we see the face of Dusty Baker the entire time including that awkward moment when he realizes that this isn't "playful" Brandon.

The Enquirer offered this response to the situation, which seems completely reasonable to me.

Joey Votto: Run Producer - While the Reds All-Star second-baseman in confronting and insulting local media, the Reds All-Star first-baseman and others are still defending his approach at the plate. As Jeff Sullivan at FanGraphs writes, "There are people who want more flash, more explosions. Votto, instead, prefers the slow burn." Burn it slow Joey, as slow as you like.

The boys are off today as they travel Colorado to take on the Rockies (Hey Wick!) in a 3-game weekend series. In the first game we'll see Bronson Arroyo face off against Jeff Manship.