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You all know this big series starts tonight in St. Louis. So I'm not even going to talk it about it. #ALLREADY

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Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Castrovince is fascinated by the polarization around Joey Votto
The whole piece is fantastic, so click on over and read it. The quotes from Votto are (natch) the best, and Jay Bruce proves once again to just be so darn likeable.

The Fay takes a much more diplomatic approach than Castrovince does
Castrovince has the benefit of being on the outside. He doesn't have to answer to a jillion twitter buttbrains.

Look, I mean, Marco Estrada isn't a very good pitcher
but every dog has his day. Dusty says his change up was incredible, and even though they knew it was coming, they couldn't do anything about it. /shrugs

Shin-Soo Choo stole his 100th base yesterday
then stole 101. Blog Red Machine says he is one away from career home run #100, too. Maybe we should call him Cen Soo Choo? Huh? Eh? Yeah? Yeah!

Today was the first day a baseball game was ever broadcast on television
way back in 1939. Hitler was menacing Europe, Tojo was menacing China, Dennis was menacing Mr. Wilson, and the Reds and Dodgers played a good ol' ballgame that only the five riches kings of Europe could watch on their brand new and very expensive televox communicatrix dialatrons. No confirmation yet on whether it was a Bowtie Tuesday.

This really doesn't have much to do with anything
White Sox bench coach Mark Parent was ejected from a game before it even started. He brought out the lineup card and started jabbering with the crew chief and got the ol' heave-ho. The best part: "Parent wasn't around after the game (won 5-2 by the White Sox) to explain what happened, and Adam Dunn made a joke about exchanging Christmas cards, but Ventura said the argument stemmed from a disagreement Saturday night."