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Podcast 7 Pre-Thread: Submit your questions here!

Questions from you are needed.

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Tonight, Wednesday August 21st we will record RR Podcast Episode 7. BK, ForhamRam, Kevin Mitchell Is Batman and me will do our best to answer any and all questions submitted on this thread. KMiB (international radio star) will try to keep the Rockies talk to a minimum. I'll try to limit the times I say "absolutely," while doing my best not to sound like B&B when I laugh. F-Ram will have some drinks and BK will try to manage the whole thing.

The point is, your questions are vital to our chances of producing a quality podcast.

Ever wonder what is the best concert KMiB has ever attended? Want to know if FordhamRam is the real Noah Redfern? Now's your chance to ask. Or... you could ask about the baseball team in town that we all love so dearly.