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This Week in JPEGs: Surf's Down, Bedtime for Baseball, and Yadi Molina is Injured

Visual metaphors, schmisual schmetaphors.

D-Rob's Juggling Catch, Bronson Celebrates
D-Rob's Juggling Catch, Bronson Celebrates
picture courtesy of me, you idiots

Welcome once again to This Week in JPEGs, a w-a-a-a-acky and wild look at the week that was. Last week's JPEG o' the Week was titled D-Rob's Juggling Catch, Bronson Celebrates. It earned 54% of your votes, due presumably to my anatomically precise renderings of the female shape. Gah gah gah gooo!!

This past week was a rough one for the Reds and their fans. Seven games in Southern California against the Dodgers and Padres produced only two wins sandwiched around a five-game losing streak. Wah wah wah nooo!!

So here goes your week in JPEGs:

Surf's Down

As was mentioned above, a five-game losing streak in SoCal totally harshed our tubular radical, dude. The Dodgers are red-hot and building a lead in the NL West, but dropping three of four is still not a desirable outcome. The Padres are on something of a roll themselves, but again, 2-5 out left ain't cool at all. Wipe out, brah.


Bedtime for Baseball

We're sticking with the losing streak theme here, because losing streaks are such an abundant source of angst and looking. The big reason the Reds lost five straight was the complete absence of the offense. In those five games, the Reds mustered only six measly runs. In baseball, runs are like pancakes: you need at least three or four, preferably more, to really be satisfied.


Todd Frazier, Brandon Phillips, and Zack Cozart basically sleep-walked through SoCal. Here they are, nestled snuggly in their beds, all tuckered out and dozing like little angels. ALSO!! Late-ass games in California are late. This one also doubles as a bunch of Reds fans missing most of the game because it was so dang-ass late.

Yadi Molina is Injured

Fortunately for everyone in the universe, Yadier Molina will not play in this weekend's crucial series between the Reds and Cardinals. The Reds are 3½ games behind the Cards for second place and these are still two of the best teams in baseball, so this is probably going to be a good one. Yadi hurt himself though, so he's on the DL.