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Red Reposter - 38 games left and they will all be radical

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Joey Walker Red Label
Joey Walker Red Label
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

David Schoenfield is putting his money on the Reds to win the NL Central
Coming into play on Monday, the Pirates sit in first place, the Cardinals are a game back, and the Reds are 2½ back. He breaks the stretch down pretty well to see who might have the advantage. He gives it to the Reds based on their rotation of grown-ass adult men and a favorable remaining schedule (24 of 38 remaining games are in Cincy). This next six weeks is going to give us some incredible baseball.

Mike Axisa hands out grades for the last week
He gives the Reds a solid B based on how they made up an enormous amount of ground on the 'Rats and Toiletbirds. "Many people -- myself included -- thought the Reds were the clear favorite in the NL Central coming into the season. They been stuck behind the Pirates and Cardinals all summer, but they took care of business and made up serious ground this week by winning five of seven games against the lowly Cubs and Brewers. Those are two really bad teams a contender should push around. Cincinnati is now 2.5 games back in the division."

It really was a great week of baseball for the Reds, but there are still 38 games left in the season. I just don't even know right now, you guys. They are really hot and they could sprint into first place and never look back. Or they could falter and struggle and scrimp for the second wild card. Or they could completely fall apart and get passed by the Diamondbacks (they just won five of six against the O's and Pirates). I just don't even know. This next six weeks is going to give us some incredible baseball.

The Fay tells us that the Reds are pretty excited about the next six weeks of baseball
It should be really, really entertaining. When the Reds won in 2010 and 2012, they didn't really have a pennant race like this. They had a lead of 5+ games throughout September both years. Oh my god I'm so excited, you guys.

Christina Kahrl has a nice feature on Mike Leake
He's probably the fifth-best pitcher in the rotation. Let that one sink in. You guys, seriously, the next six weeks is going to so omg totes radical tmf.

The Reds are watching Tony Cingrani's innings
but it probably won't be that big of a deal, actually. He threw 151 innings last season and he's at 125⅓ so far this year. He probably has seven or eight more starts before the end of the year, which will probably put him around 170-180 innings. He'll likely move to the bullpen for the playoffs, so everyone should be pretty comfortable.

Red Hot Mama gets kinda funky riffing on baseball players and their pants
She is disappointed that so many players wear baggy pants nowadays, but not for the crotchety old man vaguely racist reasons you often hear. She wishes players wore tighter pants because of sexual animal lust.

"You know how people rank each other’s appearance on a scale of 1-to-10, like, “she’s a total 10.” Maybe you could make a similar scale based on baseball player positions. Then, you might hear one of those women who go to bars to pick up visiting-team players say something like, “Yeah, when I was younger I could land a second baseman any day of the week, but these days I’m lucky to get a catcher.”"

Jonah Keri ranks baseball teams
The Reds come in at No. 9 and are the top feature in his breakdown. The next six weeks of baseball, you guys ... I think I need to make sure to refill all of my inhalers.

The Rise and fall and rise of Pete Rise
I don't know how to really introduce this one. Just click it.