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This week in JPEGs: Back on the Horse, Bronson Arroyo in: Mrs. Doubtfire, and The Golem Vanquishes El Niño Destructor

Sorry, everyone.

Corky Crushes Callaspo
Corky Crushes Callaspo
Photo courtesy of me, you idiots

It's Friday, and so we look back at the week that was. First though, we look back at the best JPEG of the week before, as chosen by you. Last week's winner was titled Corky Crushes Callaspo and it earned 48% of your votes.

This week got a little weird. I'm gonna try to explain, but I figure I should apologize right up front.

Back on the Horse

In the last week or so, the Reds welcomed back three core guys from the disabled list. Ryan Ludwick had been on ice since Opening Day, Jonathan Broxton was out for a few months, and Ryan Hanigan missed about a month or so himself. All three have returned to bolster this Reds team and spur them on down the stretch.


This whole thing is just so belabored. The horse metaphor is just about as on the nose as it gets. And Ludwick as a little ducky is just I mean come on enough already. And the "Broxton is fat" joke is as belabored as it gets, only to be outdone by how belabored that poor horse is (ha). So, uh, sorry about this.

Bronson Arroyo in: Mrs. Doubtfire

What in the ...


Okay, hear me out. Bronson sliced up the Cubs on Wednesday to finish up a three-game sweep. So yeah, in the first picture he is slicing up little spheres of Cubs because he's making dinner or something like that. Just like Mrs. Doubtfire did in the movie. I know, Mrs. Doubtfire ordered in and made it look like s/he made it, but s/he tried that first time and set his/her boobs on fire. But Bronson did good instead of bad, so there is that.

And then he finished off the sweep, so that's what the second picture is. Remember when Mrs. Doubtfire danced with the broom like a guitar in that montage? That's basically what that one means. So why did I relate all this to Mrs. Doubtfire? I mean, why not?

The Golem Vanquishes El Niño Destructor

In Thursday's tilt with the Brewers, Devin Mesoraco led off the fifth with a single. As he crossed first base, Juan Francisco attempted to field a bad throw and got in Mesoraco's way. And the fiend was vanquished. At least, for now.