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Red Reposter: SIS, Rats/Cards, Vice & Villainy

David Banks

I'll add some links when I get to them after dinner, but consider this your open thread for the Pirates/Cardinals game.

There's been a lot of talk about how "bad" someone has to be in order to get barred from the Hall of Fame. Is steroids enough? Racism? Sheer cussedness? Gambling on baseball? Everyone has their own line. Me? I'm a Big Hall guy, and I think everyone should get in, if for nothing else so that we can tell their stories. Cap Anson might have been a racist pig. Pete Rose may have more demons then the Book of Souls. But Baseball is America, and we don't get to choose which parts are "really" American. We all are. The Hall of Fame is for telling stories, and we should use it for that reason.

That's what I think, anyways. Let me know what you think. Let me know if McGwire, Rodriguez, Rose, Shoeless Joe Jackson, Muhammad I'm Hard Bruce Lee, or whoever should get into the Hall. And let me know why. That's your long-form for the night.

Short form:

  • What's Ludwick's slashline at the end of the regular season?
  • Which one of PIT/STL/CIN/ARI is on the outside looking in come postseason?
  • Which Red will lead the team in IP at the end of the season: Arroyo, Bailey, Leake, or Latos?
  • Have you seen Elysium? Is it any good? I really wanna see it.