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Red-io Reporter - Afternoon Drive Edition

Next thing you know, we'll all have Jay Z as our agent.

Smells like success.
Smells like success.
Brian Kersey

Monday afternoons mean two things:  miserable, nap-inducing headaches, and Red Reporter on The Afternoon Drive with Trevor Kelsey and Perrin Johnson at 1450 The Sports Buzz out of Louisville.

It's like clockwork, even when there's feedback loud enough to keep me from hearing a question or two.

We settled in during the second segment of hour 2, and we checked all the boxes of the major topics on the plate of the Cincinnati Reds at this point of the season.  We discussed the recent winning homestand in the wake of the pummelings at the hands of the Filthy Cards, the return of Ryan Ludwick and just how much the Reds can expect from the 35 year old half-shouldered Left Fielder, we broke down the upcoming schedule a bit with an eye towards to the Reds picking up ground on their NL Central rivals Pittsburgh and St. Louis, and we tried our best to talk about the Chicago Cubs without laughing uncontrollably.

I join right at the 60 minute mark, but the segment before I hop in has some solid baseball related points, too, as Perrin and Trevor discuss the recent spat between Albert Pujols and Jack Clark.  It's interesting to listen to them given their roles as radio hosts in the wake of Clark being canned by his station following the abrasive accusations he levied at Pujols.

Turn on, tune in, drop your pants...or something!