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Big Lug Beats Bitten Bats: Reds Lose 2-4

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Aaron Harang was back and this time he meant business in the battle of red-haired children and men.

looks like you forgot something
looks like you forgot something
Jamie Sabau
The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

You know what? Give it up for our ol' buddy Aaron Harang. His last start in GABP was pretty snakebit, as he had to leave after two innings of what ended up being a bullpen game. It's nice to see him come back, even it was a frustrating game to watch him do it in enemy uniform. He was one of my favorite players when I first started being sincere about being a Reds fan, so I'm happy to see him do well.

The honorary mention is Joey Votto; 2-4 with a home run and choosing not to take a base when he was probably hit by a pitch. He's good. Devin Mesoraco went 1-3 with a BB, which was also pretty cool.

Key Plays

  • The game started out rough: a Brad Miller (not the basketball player) triple and a Nick Franklin homerun. The Mariners were up 2-0 before Leake could get settled.
  • The lot didn't improve as Kyle Saunders hit another homer to put the Mariners up 3-0 in the second.
  • To make things worse, Kyle Seager walked in the fourth and then small-balled his way to third, scoring on a Saunders sac fly: 4-0 Mariners.
  • A neat little two-out rally got places in the Reds' half of the fifth: Mesoraco singled and Jack Hannahan - pinch-hitting for Leake after the young righty threw only 70 pitches - followed up with another single. Shin-soo Choo then hit a double down the left-field line, which is always beautiful to watch. Hannahan was way too slow to get past third, frustratingly enough. Zackuum grounded out to third to end the threat: Mariners up 4-1.
  • Joey Votto put some absolute marinara on a Aaron Harang pitch in the sixth, sending it into the CF camera well. That was pretty cool. Reds were still down 4-2, though, and that's how that ended.

Fangraph That Looks Like a Wise Man Stroking His Chin and Going "HMMMMM"

Source: FanGraphs

Other Notes

  • Reds only struck out three today, though they average over 8/game. Dang.
  • The Reds have no luck against the Mariners. The Seattle boys hold the highest winning percentage of all 29 teams against the Reds.
  • Mat Latos faces Jeremy C. Bonderman tomorrow at 4PM ET. You probably won't get the game, and KMiB definitely won't. He'll be angry, you'll just be bemused. Anyways, that's a need-to-win matchup.
  • Rough to see this game, especially as it was pitched by not-just-anyone's ghost.
  • This song takes like 90 seconds to actually start, but once it does it has some gunk to it.