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Red Reposter: Choo's chase for Ron Hunt's record

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How many HBPs will Shin-Soo Choo draw this season?

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Jamie Sabau

Keri: Shin-Soo Choo and the Dark Art of HBP

Jonah Keri breaks down each of Choo's most recent 13 hit-by-pitches (since Sam Miller did the same for Choo's earlier HBPs at BPro [paywall]). Keri finds that Choo's HBP have come from out of control pitchers, battles in the Pirates-Reds feud, and a willingness to lean into a breaking ball on occasion. Choo, who already had a penchant for taking one for the team, has experienced a perfect storm of HBP factors so far this season. In many ways, Choo's year has been similar to Ron Hunt's record-breaking 1971 season.

White: Homer Bailey finally reaches potential for Reds

Leave it to USA Today to write the Bailey piece we all wanted from certain Cincinnati media members on Wednesday morning. Paul White talked to Jerry Narron and Dusty Baker about Bailey's growth as a pitcher and his reputation as hard-headed and difficult to coach.

"Homer has really matured," Baker said after Tuesday's no-hitter. "A lot of times we want people to mature at a more rapid pace than they're ready for. A couple of years ago, everyone was talking about Homer is a hard-head. I always said that hard head is what causes him to him succeed. He's grown up a lot."

. . .

"This is what you like to see out of young players," Baker says of his 27-year-old. "If they stick with it long enough and you stick with them long enough, you can enjoy the fruits of their success." Ludwick progressing quickly in shoulder rehab

Jeremy Warnemuende reports that Ryan Ludwick has started baseball activities ahead of schedule. The Reds hope that an extended rehab assignment is just around the corner for the leftfielder.

Fangraphs: Daily Notes: SCOUT Leaderboards for Rookie-Level Leagues

Carson Cistulli uses Fangraphs' SCOUT+ metric to look at the early successes in the rookie leagues. Three Reds farmhands made the leader boards: Phillip Ervin, Jose Ortiz, and Ben Lively.

2013 MLB All-Star Vote Distribution generated some maps that show the vote breakdown by county for three tight NL all-star voting match-ups. The Brandon Phillips-Matt Carpenter maps will be most interesting to Reds fans.