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Red Reposter: I have no wins, and I must scream.

It's been bleak but hopefully will soon get less so. And hey, the way things are going now, the Reds get to drive to St. Louis to punch the Cardinals in the nose, and then go up to Pittsburgh to give 'em a swirlie. So that's neat!

Err'body do the dinosaur
Err'body do the dinosaur
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Sean Marshall is just rackin' up the setbacks. It's a good thing that Manny Parra turned out to be essentially a hittable Aroldis Chapman, didn't it? The Reds' bullpen continues to impress. Well, mostly, I guess. Also in that article is a mention that Votto had a hit turned into a fielder's choice because of course he did.

The 2015 ASG is gonna include a $5M revamp. Which, by the way, is about half of the cost of Paul Brown Stadium's new jumbotron. Everything is stupid.

In warmer news, Donald Lutz is readjusting to Pensacola. He got HBP'ed his first day back, but he's been doing decently well since his return. He also is the owner of what must be an enormous body pillow.

At least we're not St. Louis! We're not St. Louis! Yadier Molina is going to be out for at least a couple of weeks, and the Cards will have to deal with only Yadi-at-best production in his stead. It's a bummer way to move into second place, but hey, I - for one - will take it.

Rob Neyer went to Pittsburgh and found Josh Gibson's grave. It's a warm little story; finding forgotten baseball stars and playing catch at their graves. I wanna go on a road trip with Rob Neyer.

And, the only thing that has made me laugh in the past 100 hours or so: the 2013 Galoot All-Stars. The list gets less galoot-y and a bit more bear-y by the end (I'd have a tough time calling Josh Hamilton either), but it's still pretty damn funny.