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Red Reposter - DOOM

Doom glooms over the Reds...unless it doesn't. Back to back losses courtesy of walk-off HRs in the middle of the night sure do feel like kicks in the pants, though.

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Choo feeling OK today?  Hope so.
Choo feeling OK today? Hope so.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

Scientists have re-re-re-redetermined when the world will end, and it's approximately when the Reds will score runs again. Contrary to popular belief, this did not happen last night; instead, we have a hearty two billion or so years before things really hit the existential fan. If you want to make sure you're around to see it, just take the famed sage advice from Honorary Red Reporter graduate Lewis Black.

Mike Leake, San Diego native, got to pitch in his hometown last night, and he didn't disappoint. Sometimes lost in the world of statistics, predictions, standings, and bottom lines are the more personal sides to these nebulous creatures we commonly dub "x-WAR players." Both Leake and Padres' pitcher Sean O'Sullivan hail from San Diego, where they played together on youth teams, and both were able to walk away happy with their individual performances after last night's game. It's a kinda cool story that helps take your mind off RISP, LOB, 5 games back, 4 runs in 40 innings...

...but let's just jump right back into talking RISP, LOB, 5 games back, and 4 runs in 40 innings, shall we? John Fay gathered some pretty standard, yet pretty revealing quotes and nuggets about last night's game, the sum total of which add up to "if Derrick Robinson and Cesar Izturis combine to produce your team's only run, you're gonna have a bad day." I do appreciate Chapman's comments about things, though, as I'm much more annoyed with him issuing a leadoff walk to LH Yonder Alonso than I am that a guy who's not a power hitter connected on a near 100 mph fastball. Say it with me now guys and gals: Solo HRs are rally killers, but WALKS WILL HAUNT.

I'd tell you what Hal McCoy had to say about things, but the Dayton Daily News wants you to pay for that kind of Hall of Fame insight. Good luck with that.

If you've got time for this, sit down and have a sip of some cold pop and talk with me for a minute. The Reds played last night without Shin-Soo Choo (ankle), Ryan Ludwick (shoulder), Ryan Hanigan (wrist), and Brandon Phillips (day off). Their spots in the lineup were filled by Derrick Robinson, Xavier Paul, Devin Mesoraco, and Cesar Izturis, who have combined for -1.2 bWAR total since 2010. Yes, it was frustrating to again watch the Reds lose in disappointing, let-one-get-away fashion, and yes, it counts every bit as much as the other 161 games, but a little bit of context should be applied to the level of anger and despair we initially felt.

Former Fearless Leader Slyde got back to me about my previous inquiry regarding the single season record for RBI singles, and it turns out that record is held by Tommy Davis, who had 61 such base knocks in 1962. I have no idea where he finds these things, but I trust his accuracy. I asked, of course, because the Reds currently employ a singles-hitting extraordinaire as their cleanup hitter, and he bats behind the top two OBPs in the National League. So far, it appears that the Reds' 2B has 32 singles so far this season with RISP, but I can't find a way to determine how many of those drove in runners aside from just digging through box scores. I'll put an intern on that so we're certain, but the point of this is that BP, despite his rather odd season so far, is not on pace to break that record. Also, just roll through Slyder's timeline for today while you're at it, as he's been on fire with relevant stats to help restore the optimist in you.

If the Reds' 1st round draft pick's Twitter feed is to be trusted, it appears Phil Ervin has earned a promotion following a one-month tour of destruction in the Pioneer League. If so, and if it's to Dayton, the Dragons roster just got a lot more intriguing. An outfield of Ervin, Gelalich, and Winker coupled with the Seth Matthews Band, Zack Vinsedgejej, Tanner "I hardly even knew her!" Rahier "I hardly even knew her!" and pitchers Nick Travieso, Amir Garret, I Smell William, Drew Cisco, and Michael Lorenzen is a pretty dang exciting set of talent. If you're in the area, get up to Dayton and catch a few games.