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Homer Reposter: Read All About It (Elsewhere)

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Several links about how awesome last night was, and a couple of wildcards just to keep you on your toes.

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Bailey (center) lifted up by his teammates in order to give Logan Ondrusek a kiss
Bailey (center) lifted up by his teammates in order to give Logan Ondrusek a kiss
Joe Robbins

We have plenty here at the local Reporter to talk about Homer Bailey. I waxed philosophic here. tl;dr did not analyze any of Homer's pitches here. AC Slider out-did a large segment of the Cincinnati mediasphere here (but not you: Fay, Trent, Jamie, Welch, Grande, Kelch, and probably others. Y'all rock).

But if that's not enough...

The Briz' game recap over at McCovey Chronicle was pretty great, I think. "It's really, really hard to be no-hit. The Giants accepted that challenge. They embraced it. They gave the challenge a sloppy kiss and threw up all over the bar." is pretty classic Brisbee. They're about where the Reds were Sunday night, so it's fun to see in perspective. The Giants are good folks. I hope that they go on a winning streak starting on Friday and just miss the playoffs.

Scott Miller has an interesting article focused around an interview with former GM Wayne Krivsky AKA Sweaterpants AKA Wanye Kwest AKA The Grimmest Man in the Business. It takes a village to put together a pitcher, apparently, and Krivsky - who didn't draft Homer and was fired well before he "made it" is one of the reasons. "Bailey's biggest sin back then simply was that he was drafted out of high school, out of La Grange, Texas. Expectations are enormous for first-round picks, especially as often as the Reds were losing back then." It's really pleasant to not have to fall up and down based on Nick Travieso's latest start, isn't it?

John Fay, man, has a nice article on FSO. Fay gives the lede quote to BP, which is nice of him. He also does a good job with "scare quotes" and has some nice Bailey quotes.

The Enquirer, as you'd expect, is leading the way with the coverage. C Trent pores through the stats, noting that Bailey's fastest pitch of the night was his second-to-last, at 98+. Gee whillakers.

Fay has a great Haniquote for his second article's lede:

After Homer Bailey’s last no-hitter, he got his catcher, Ryan Hanigan, a “real nice” watch.

“I’m going to look at watches on the internet tonight, for sure,” Hanigan said after Bailey’s second career no-hitter on Tuesday.

The rest of the article is full of glurge-y, wonderful, quotes about how great Hanigan is. Please read 'em.

Fay's third article is where he puts his Dustyquote. "Dang, what a game!" Amen, Dustareeno, amen.

If you want video, has a videopage just for you.

Hats off to John Fay, who was busting his butt all last night and all this morning. He's really been just so impressive on Twitter and on the written web this whole summer so far. Tip o' the #greencap to him.

The BBN fellas have been great too. Rob Neyer has a testament to patience, Grant Brisbee; to unpredictability. Probably the two greatest keys to baseball fandom, I think. But that's a different article...

Craig Calcaterra likes Fay, C Trent, and Sheldon. He has words for the rest of 'em, tho.

And, in non-Homer-related-news-that-I'll-tangentially-try-to-apply

The long-lost gif of Farnsworth beating the crap out of Paul Wilson. My favorite part is the catcher being all "Hey Hey, stay away from my pitcher ah well whatever."

Lumieers (Feat. Harry Caray) "Ho Hey" is my favorite non-Reds thing this week.

The Twins got Mariano Rivera a retirement present: a rocking chair made out of broken bats.