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Cincinnati Sports Media: Shame on You

Bailey's historic outing leaves the local media unimpressed.

Andy Lyons

Bailey's no-hitter, 27 outs!

Today we should be talking about Homer Bailey's otherworldly pitching performance and not the local media. As fans, we watch baseball specifically for things like Bailey's no-hitter last night. NOPE, the local media in this town can't let a good thing happen without unnecessary, ridiculous criticism. Radio, TV, and even the nearly extinct newspaper media all tried their best to take a huge dump on Bailey's great night. Thankfully, Homer is uniquely familiar with the absurd negativity of the local media, and he was kind enough to give a figurative and literal middle-finger to those in the industry who have been hypercritical over the last several years.

It started directly after the game. In his post-game interview with Fox Sports Ohio, Bailey dropped the F-Bomb when asked about the only base-runner he allowed all game. As awesome/hilarious as the "F" was, the more interesting words came next. Bailey said, "This game's pretty tough... Regardless of how those guys up there make it sound pretty easy." We all know who "those guys up there" are right? He was talking about Marty, Thom, and others in the local media who have hammered Bailey for the majority of his career in a Reds' uniform. We'll get back to this later...

A favorite of ours at RR, Paul Daugherty outdid himself last night. In the hours during which Bailey was pitching a no-hitter, the otherwise inactive twitter account of the Cincinnati Enquirer's sports "journalist" posted a total of five tweets. On a night where the Reds gained ground on division rivals and Homer Bailey pitched a nearly perfect game, here's what P-DOC had to say to his readers:

(Bailey, perfect through 5)

(Bailey walks a batter)

(Bailey strikes out Sandoval to end the 7th, preserving the no-no)

Honestly, that's it. Paul Daugherty, a man who is paid to write about Cincinnati sports, offered these tweets during Bailey's no-hitter. Nothing about Bailey's dominance on the mound. Nothing to congratulate Homer on his 2nd no-hitter. These ridiculous comments are all the P-Doc could offer. But he wasn't finished. After Bailey's aforementioned post-game interview, P-Doc was absolutely appalled by the language he heard coming from Homer (an excited young man who had just stamped his ticket into the Reds Hall of Fame).

Ok Paul... Thanks for your splendid coverage of Cincinnati sports. Our good friend btcoop has created the perfect meme for P-Doc. (explicit language warning)

And then...

Apparently Bailey neglected to give Mart Brennaman and 700 WLW an interview after the game. You know, somewhere between pitching the game of his life, celebrating with his team, doing an interview with FSO and giving a press-conference; Bailey failed to bow at the feet of Franchester Martin Brennaman. This did not sit well with Marty and the 700 crew. Marty took time on-air to call out Bailey for not appearing for an interview. Shortly thereafter, Bill "Seg" Dennison posted this on twitter:

Good lord... What would the "Ol' Lefthaded had done?" I don't know, maybe he'd spend less time complaining and more time congratulating a young man during a monumental achievement in his career/life. Maybe he'd worry less about his ego and do his job. Perhaps, Joe Nuxhall would realize that Bailey has every reason to snub Marty. When Homer was thrown into the fire as an over-hyped, under-developed 21 year-old pitcher, Marty Brennaman spent hours of airtime, year after year, decrying the young Texan. Marty described him has having an attitude problem and called him "immature" Now, Bailey is reaching his potential and Marty wants to be part of it. Homer Bailey isn't interested.

*It should be noted that several members of the local media such as John Fay and Mark Sheldon handled the situation like professionals. Kudos to them.*