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Ex-Dodgers Say Hello! Reds 5, Dodgers 2.

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Ex-Dodgers Say Hello! Reds 5, Dodgers 2.

Hay Jay!
Hay Jay!
Stephen Dunn

It's Throwback Thursday, and fortunately for yoos alls that means old hip hop. Begin!

The Joe Nuxhall Memorial Honorary Star of the Game

Believe it or not, Mat Latos hadn't actually had the greatest run of form of late despite continuing to strike out boatloads of opponents and flashing top notch velocity; fortunately, that wasn't an issue tonight, and Latos put in a dominant performance to shut down a former frequent foe that's been on a phenomenal run of form. Latos went 7.2 innings, and despite a smattering of late hits that plated a 2nd run, was dominant and efficient throughout.

In his return to Southern California, he was exactly what the Reds hoped for when they traded for him: the kind of guy who could stop another team's good run. Props, Mat.

Honorable Mentions are due to: Jay Bruce, whose 2-run trunk junk put the Reds out of reach; Xavier Paul, who went 1 for 2 with a walk and a revenge hump; Todd Frazier, who went 2 for 4 with a double to continue his recent run of good form; and Shin-Soo Choo, because cokane and I both agree he's having a freaky awesome year.

Key Plays

  • Xavier Paul x-acted some early revenge on the team that both drafted him and waived him as he hit a line-drive solo HR off Zack Greinke in the Top of the 1st. Reds led, 1-0.
  • The Reds tacked on another run from a rather unlikely source in the Top of the 2nd, this time due in part to Cesar Izturis, another former Dodger. Todd Frazier hit a 1 out double down the LF line, and after Devin Mesoraco's grounder moved Frazier to 3B, Izturis blooped a single into Left that brought Frazier in to score. Reds led, 2-0.
  • The Yasiel Puig factor tantalized and haunted the Reds in the Bottom of the 4th. Puig singled on a flare to CF, and when he enthusiastically rounded 1B hard, Choo came up throwing to try to get him caught off the base; unfortunately, he threw it half-way down the line to home, and it went into the stands, putting Puig on 3B. Adrian Gonzalez then followed with a grounder that plated him. Reds led, 2-1.
  • Fortunately for the Reds, Jay Bruce went all Jay Bruce on Greinke in the Top of the 6th. After Paul led off with a walk and was erased on a Joey Votto GIBP, Brandon Phillips was hit by a pitch and moved to 2nd on a wild pitch. Bruce then followed with an opposite field hunk thrust. Thanks to the Dodger Stadium Fence Management Company for moving the fences in just enough when the Reds came to the plate. Reds led, 4-1.
  • Mat Latos cruised into the Bottom of the 8th with nary a scary moment, but a Carl Crawford double changed things. Crawford hit a deep double to left-center, and he moved to 3B on a grounder by Puig. Adrian Gonzalez then hit another grounder to the right side, and Crawford came in to score. Hanley Ramirez then hit a 2-strike single, which chased Latos, but Manny Parra came on and got Andre Ethier to line-out to Cesar Izturis to end the threat. Reds led, 4-2.
  • Thankfully, mercifully, omnipotently, the Dodgers found it wise to bring in Carlos MarmLOL in the 9th inning of a close game, and predictability reared its beautiful head. Todd Frazier led off with a single but was retired on a Fielder's choice hit into by Mesoraco, but Mesoraco moved to 2B on an Izturis grounder, PH Jack Hannahan walked, and Choo followed with a soft single up the middle that brought Frazier in to score. Aroldis Chapman was brought on to shut the door in the 9th, and in very non-MarmLOL fashion that's exactly what happened. Reds win, 5-2!

FanGraph That Almost Makes Us Forget How Games in LA Have Ended In Recent Years

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" height="450" width = "450" style="border:1px solid black;"></iframe><br /><span style="font-size:9pt;">Source: <a href="">FanGraphs</a></span>

Other Notes

  • Joey Votto has one of them things going on again. He's reached base in 37 consecutive games dating all the way back to a June 12 matchup against the Chicago Cubs. If any other Red had pulled that off, it would be on the front page of the DDN, the Enquirer, and the MF'n Morning Line; since it's Votto, though, I'll bet we won't hear about it for another two weeks. Yawn.
  • True Blue LA asked me earlier today who the Reds' MVP through this point was, and I said it was Shin-Soo Choo. Choo, of course, promptly had an ill-advised 2 base throwing error and was deked into a late-inning out on the basepaths tonight. When asked, I'll just say "MVP/GG" Cozart from now on to ensure my unassailable jinx power matches up with a predictable unfortunate outcome. Sorry, Mr. Choo...this one's totally on me.
  • This is literally one of my favorite tracks of all time ever. It nearly, nearly makes me actually want to drink cold Old Gold and love them Lakers. Thanks, LA.
  • While we're on the topic of short DJ heavy tracks, this one's a close second to the one linked above. Ya dig?
  • Man, it's hard to believe, but Black Eyed Peas pre-Fergie were actually a group with phenomenal talent and not just a pop stunt. 1998 says so. Seriously, go listen to the entire Behind the Front album and then try to not go kick them all for changing course. They picked Fergie over good Karma. Sad. Sellouts.