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Red-io Reporter: The Royal Steroid Baby

Talking Reds baseball with 95.5 The Game in Columbus. We didn't talk about the royal baby or steroids.

Michael Chang

Ken is a tough act to follow, but I tried my best as I joined Matt Finkes and Arch Madness on The Fn'A Show yesterday morning to discuss our beloved Redlegs. The Reds had just whooped up on the Giants behind the complete game shutout from Bronson Arroyo. We talked for ten minutes and covered the following topics:

  • The Reds west-coast trip
  • Scoring runs for Homer Bailey
  • Handicapping the NL Central
  • Possible trade targets
  • Hitting with runners is scoring position (with a shout out to Slyde)
  • How Devin Mesoraco could boost the offense
  • Billy Hamilton

Listen here!

If you want to catch next week's RR appearance in Columbus, we'll be on again next Tuesday around 10:40 AM. You can listen online. Thanks again to 95.5 The Game for having us on.