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Red Reposter: The Most Exciting Division in Baseball

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The marquee trade of the season, the marquee suspension of the season, and the three best teams in the League. All eyes are focused on the NL Central. Good for them.

Thearon W. Henderson

Well that doubleheader was fun, wasn't it? Looks like the Reds ran out of gas and Greg Reynolds did not exactly bring his Stanford Magic with him up the Bay. The Reds'll have the chance to dominate the Giants' season series and get some half-baked revenge tonight as Mike Leake (Mike Leake!) takes on creepy groper, oft-injured, and dude with abnormally high strand rate and low BABIP and quiet stud of EA Sports MVP Baseball 2005 Chad Gaudin at 10:00 Eastern. So, you know, that.

Matt Garza was traded for, essentially, what he was given up for. Olt strikes me as Andy Marte-style trade bait, but the Cubs also got a couple of decent arms, so who knows? Texas is three games back of Oakland and a game-point-five behind Baltimore for the second wildcard, so they could use every bonus they got. The Cubs got back best-case-scenario another Samardzija and a high-SLG, low-OBP third-sacker. I'm not worried about them yet. Their farm system is basically Jorge Soler and the Plate Discipline Concerns.

Dave Zirin is upset. He thinks that the union isn't defending Ryan Braun sufficiently and I think he has some points. They've lost a bit of tenaciousness recently, and it'll be tough to get back what they give up. Everyone'll be in big trouble if baseball starts having voidable contracts. They don't need to go down the route of football like at all.

Counterpoint: Brisbee thinks the players and their union know exactly what they were doing. He falls a bit into the "Look at Skip Schumaker what a scrappy scrapper!" there at the end, but he has some good points. The players' union's strength may come from expunging the bad apples. Or something. Mixed metaphor/analogy. Point is, shit's complex.

Grant Brisbee was also a Giants fan during the Bond years and he talks about how to root for a player who might be a bad guy. He's got a lot of good points and yeesh, Brew Crew Ball is a scary place right now. I'm very happy that the worst dudes the Reds have had on their team are Edinson Volquez and D'Angelo Jimenez. Has anyone tracked "tainted" WAR by team?


Ryan Hanigan ought to be back for the Dodgers series. Welcome back, Professor, and this time walk.

Mark Berry's back and "shaking lots of hands" as the Reds' offense has been jolted. That article also talks about Cairo's role with this team without clarifying it like at all. Also mentions that Broxton's getting close and Marshall less so.