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Red-io Reporter

1 part Reds, 1 part music, 23 parts's the Afternoon Drive on 1450 The Sports Buzz!

This is what Greg Reynolds looks like.
This is what Greg Reynolds looks like.
Justin Edmonds

The Red Reporter PR team was working long hours over the weekend, and they managed to get in touch with the 1450 Sports Buzz legal team to re-re-renegotiate our contract at the last minute and structure yet another time change for our appearance, this time hopping in the first hour of the Afternoon Drive with Trevor Kelsey to blab, chat, and laugh a bit.

This week's edition saw us talk Sisqo & the costs and benefits of knowing the lyrics to The Thong Song, Chris Highsly's role on the team with the pending return of Ryan Ludwick, the comeback story currently being scripted by Greg Reynolds, and the Reds' performance this weekend against the Pittsburgh Pirates. We also did our best to break down the upcoming series against the San Francisco Giants without making too many hippie references.

Also, you're welcome for not once talking about the royal baby or Ryan Braun.

Celebrate the entire Dru Hill catalog with us by checking out the podcast.

This should be played at high volume, preferably in a residential area.

I join the ruckus around the 21:40 mark.