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Red Reposter: More bad news for Billy Hamilton

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Mark Sheldon and Chad Dotson look back at midseason trades from years past.


Reds' all-time Top 5 in-season trades | News

Mark Sheldon ranks the best deadline deals in Cincinnati history. It should come as no surprise that the Reds' acquisition of Tom Seaver in 1977 comes in at number one. The Reds only gave up two average players in Steve Henderson and Pat Zachry along with two replacement level or worse players in Doug Flynn and Dan Norman.

ESPN SweetSpot: Best deadline deal ever: Reds

Redleg Nation's Chad Dotson wrote a similar piece for David Schoenfield's blog at the worldwide leader's website. Dotson also picked the Seaver trade as Cincinnati's best mid-season addition. Over at Redleg Nation, Dotson rounded out his top 5 trades, and the rest of his list is considerably different from Sheldon's.

Eye On Baseball - The 10 best moments of the first half

Here's a fun look back at the first half of the 2013 season from Dayn Perry. Homer Bailey's no-hitter earned him an appearance in the piece.

Beyond the Box Score: Who Deserves Credit for Throwing Out Base-Runners?

Max Weinstein investigates the interaction between a pitcher and a catcher in controlling the running game. Not surprisingly, there is a synergy between a hurler and his backstop. Johnny Cueto and Ryan Hanigan -- both excellent at throwing out would-be thieves -- combine to throw out runners at an eye-popping 85% clip.

What number do the Reds retire next? | Redleg Nation

John Ring makes a good argument for five players, but I'm skeptical of a need to retire another number at this point in time. Of the five candidates, Vada Pinson is the most attractive choice, in my opinion, but the Reds should have a high standard when it comes to retiring numbers. The club waited until Barry Larkin's induction into the Hall of Fame to retire #11. I don't see a need to retire another very good player's number when a great player like Larkin needed a Hall of Fame plaque to receive the honor. Going by that logic, one could certainly make a case for Ernie Lombardi. Now if someone would just start Reds Hall of Fame campaigns for Reggie Sanders and Charley Jones.

It's Time for Some NL Midseason Awards - The Triangle Blog - Grantland

Jonah Keri picks his best, and worst, performers of the first half. No Reds make the article, but Keri sees the Pirates as the team most likely to experience a second half crash.

Minor League Ball Top 75 Prospects: Mid-Season Update - Minor League Ball

Prospect guru John Sickels has two Reds farmhands in his top 75: Robert Stephenson at #24 and Billy Hamilton at #38.

BPro: What Scouts Are Saying

Billy Hamilton's stock continues to free fall. Here's what an anonymous scout had to say about the Reds' speedy prospect:

The speed is absolutely fantastic. He's fun to watch when he's on the bases, but I just don't see how it's going to work. There's nothing else that makes me believe he's an everyday big leaguer. You can knock the bat out of his hands with good velocity and he doesn't have the discerning eye to work counts and lay off spin. I just think the hit and on-base comes up short and he's a virtual zero offensively.

Hat-tip to Doug Gray for the link.

MLB’s difficulties in the Biogenesis case

Eugene Freedman breaks down the recent events in the Biogenesis debacle and what they mean for baseball.