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Roster Manipulation: Neftali Soto activated, Cingrani "sent down"

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The Reds juggle the roster to add an extra bat.


C. Trent reports that the Reds have called right-handed hitting Neftali Soto up to the big show. Tony Cingrani was technically sent-down to the Arizona Reds, however he won't miss his next turn in the rotation with the Cincinnati Reds. As C. Trent points out, a new rule makes these kind of roster shenanigans possible:

According to the new collective bargaining agreement, teams get a 26th man on the roster for doubleheaders and do not have the 10-day restriction on calling players back up after being optioned, hence Cingrani's move.

Soto is kind of in the Edwin Encarnacion / Juan Francisco mold: big bat, questionable defense. Drafted as a short-stop, Neftali spent a brief moment as a catcher and is now exclusively a corner infielder. He's still young enough to improve and he's having a respectable season at Louisville.

It seems that Soto will be used off the bench in pinch-hitting situations. Dusty could use Soto at third with Frazier in left against left-handed pitching, assuming Frazier is still capable in left-field. In the end, this isn't "the move" some were hoping for, but it does provide some flexibility.