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Red-io Reporter: Ken calls Columbus

The FnA Show on Columbus' 95.5 The Game invited Red Reporter back for another go. Here's how it went down.

Drew Hallowell

Last week, AC Slider introduced 95.5 The Game in Columbus to the insightful and quirky world of Red Reporter. Yesterday, I did my best to recreate the magic during The Fn'A Show with Arch Madness and Matt Finkes. Topics discussed included: Cincinnati's division rivals, potential trade deadline activity, and Brandon Phillips.

You can listen to me gab with FnA here.

We hope that this will continue to be a regular gig on Tuesday mornings around 10:40. If it's not, you can blame me.

If you're outside the Columbus area, you can listen online here. Big thanks to everyone at The Game, including Ron Dick (producer), Arch and Matt.

Lights out. Turn on the radio. Turn that $@%! up.