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Red-io Reporter All-Star Break Edition

Talking to 1450 The Sports Buzz about injuries, All-Stars, and how uncool my lame internet name is.

Trevor and Perrin had us back on their Afternoon Drive segment, and I wanted to try my hand since from listening to previous cameos by all our favorite RRers, Trevor seems like a great host to work with. And he did not disappoint, though unfortunately my nom de plume did. I warned them that my name doesn't lend itself to a theme music intro, and sure enough, they couldn't find one try as they might. I think Trevor had no fun trying to pronounce the string of letters and monosyllables that passes for my name around here, and he made no bones about it either.

But we also talked some Reds baseball, touching briefly on the injury issues for the team, and also discussed the All-Star break. What grade did I give the Reds in the first half? Who will be All-Star MVP? Why do teams still pitch to Chris Davis? Who surprised and disappointed most for the Reds so far? Why does my profile still list the White Sox as my MLB team of preference? You should listen and find out.

I make my entrance at 59:45.

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