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Red Reposter - All Star Edition

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With the All Star Game on the docket for this evening, we take a look at the Reds chosen to participate. Also, some trade speculation and hopefully a "nothing to see here" moment from Dayton.

Don't ever stop Beepin', BP.
Don't ever stop Beepin', BP.

Votto, Phillips, and Chapman will all be on display in New York tonight, and Rhett Bollinger spoke with them about it. He notes that this year will be just the 5th time in All Star Game history where the starting 2B and starting 1B will come from the same franchise, and the quotes from both Votto and Phillips make it seem that they realize it's pretty special, too. As for Chapman, I'd be shocked if he wasn't used at some point tonight, with the only real scenario where he wouldn't make an appearance being if the National League happens to be up by an insurmountable margin. With LH hitters like Robinson Cano and Chris Davis in the heart of the AL lineup, my guess is he'll get a shot.

Phillips will bat leadoff for the NL tonight, while Votto will be in his customary 3rd spot. Bruce Bochy could've gone a million different ways with this lineup, but given his tendencies as a manager this all seems pretty predictable. Max Scherzer will get the start for the AL opposite the NL's Matt Harvey. Who? Matt Harvey.

Rick Freeman from the AP collected some pregame bits and notes and things and stuff. Among them, he mentions that Phillips and Domonic Brown will both be representing the same high school at the All Star Game, which must make the folks at Redan pretty proud. Also, it's getting increasingly hard to dislike Sergio Romo.

David Schoenfield complains about something again, again. I don't stop by ESPN's page very often anymore, but it seems that each and every time I do, there's an article from Schoenfield complaining about something. This time, it's about Bruce Bochy's assembly of the NL's lineup tonight, specifically calling him out for batting Phillips' at leadoff. Whatever, Dave. We already know you're not a BP fan since you've written about it extensively no fewer than 2 other times this year.

Switching gears a bit, John Erardi hops on the "trade Aroldis" bandwagon. I've been both on and off this particular bandwagon, and I can certainly empathize with his decision. Way back when Aroldis never had the opportunity to be a starter in the big leagues, I hopped firmly on the trade-him side of the argument because I thought him far too talented and expensive to be merely a reliever, and I envisioned teams that viewed him as a starter lining up to acquire him. That, of course, was back when The Reds Had No Money And Were Talking To No One, and we've since discovered that they've actually got boatloads of money, so my banging of the trade drum has diminished of late. Still, I do agree with the basic tenets of Erardi's piece in that I think this franchise is in dire need of another offensive force, and if Chapman is what can bring that in return, he's worth moving. NEED MOAR BATS.

Doug Gray mentioned that Michael Lorenzen was strangely removed from Dayton's game last night. Apparently, there's no word as to whether there was an injury or not, but it was slightly odd to see him pulled after just a third of an inning following a walk and an allowed hit. There's no mention of anything on the Dragons' site, so hopefully it was just a coach's decision and there's nothing wrong with the Reds' rookie fireballer.