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City of Louisville DFA'd, Cincinnati recalled to Corky Miller's Personal Fiefdom

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The light goes out in Lousville. Unprotected by a moustache, the city slowly fills up with sleet and hail. It's name will now be synonymous with Sodom, with Gomorrah. And there is a new dawn in the Queen City.


Always intimidating when "disable" is used as a verb. Especially by an official account:

No word on what caused Hanigan's injury. He's at least doing better than Lot's wife, who is now an important ingredient in Skyline chili.

Corky will probably catch Cingrani and Arroyo predominantly, maybe also doing a bit to help out if Mez needs it.The offense is looking a lot worse with him in the lineup, and it's not exactly like the offense needs that right now.

Two more series before the All-Star Break, right? Let's just try and get there in one piece (well maybe with a new left-fielder, too).