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Red Reposter - Latos Love, Hamilton's Hype

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Mat Latos has never been an All Star, despite being one of baseball's best pitchers for over three seasons.

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Baseball Prospectus lists "Ten of Our Personal All Stars" - The Reds very own Mat Latos makes the list. As they point out, Latos has been an under-the-radar type for most of his career. As a prospect, he rarely made appearances on the prominent "top prospects" lists. He never once made Baseball America's top 100 list. Regardless of the attention (or lack thereof) he receives, Latos continues to perform at a very high level every year. As the folks at BP point out:

Over the past three-plus seasons, Mat Latos has started 113 games, pitched 704 1/3 innings, struck out 8.7 batters per nine innings, and posted a 3.28 ERA. He ranks in the top 25 among qualified starters in all of those categories, and he's having his best year yet. Given how many players make modern all-star teams, you'd think he would have had an appearance or two. But Latos has never been an all-star.

  • Also from Baseball Prospectus, review of the USA Futures Game roster - Among the outfielders discussed is Billy Hamilton. Despite some struggles at the dish, they are impressed with Hamilton's transition to center-field, as he has made great improvements in the routes he takes to the ball. Given the way we've treated other top-prospects like Homer Bailey and Jay Bruce, I hope Reds fans display a little more patience with young Hamilton. I get the impression that many fans out there believe that Hamilton is ready to be a major impact player by next season. Who knows, maybe he will be. But if he is kind of crappy or just decent for a couple of years, can we give him some time please?
  • DatDude post-game interview - After an enjoyable Reds wins, Brandon Phillips spoke with Fox Sports Ohio. "I promise you, we'll be okay... still a lot more games to play." I tend to agree with Phillips on this point. Don't get me wrong, I see plenty of reason for concern and criticism, but I still believe this team is one of the best in baseball.
  • Reliever shouldn't be a trade priority for the Reds - I have my doubts about some of the guys in the Reds 'pen, but I'm with The Fayman on this one.

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