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Reds at Brewers, Game 3: Preview/Prediction Thread

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Cincinnati Reds
@ Milwaukee Brewers

Wednesday, Jul 10, 2013, 2:10 PM EDT
Miller Park

Mike Leake vs Johnny Hellweg

Sunny. Winds blowing out to right field at 10-15 m.p.h. Game time temperature around 75.

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So it's come to this. You don't want anyone to get hurt, do you?


Do the right thing, Redlegs. For her sake.

Mike Leake vs. Johnny Hellweg. One has been great so far this year, the other one has not. Then again, Hellweg could just shut the Reds out like Wily Mo Peralta just did.

GO REDS. They're still my favorite team, despite their best efforts to dissuade me from being happy about that fact.

Bullpen Log

Reliever 7/5 7/6 7/7 7/8 7/9 5 day totals
Aroldis Chapman

1.0, 11p

1.0 IP, 11 pitches
Logan Ondrusek
1.0, 12p
0.1, 9p
1.1 IP, 21 pitches
Sam LeCure 0.2, 4p 0.2, 24p

1.0, 11p 2.1 IP, 39 pitches
J.J. Hoover

2.0, 32p
2.0 IP, 32 pitches
Curtis Partch 2.0, 23p

2.0 IP, 23 pitches
Manny Parra 1.1, 24p 1.0, 14p 1.0, 12p

3.1 IP, 50 pitches
Alfredo Simon

1.0, 15p

1.0 IP, 15 pitches