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Red Reporter Grills Grant Brisbee

That Giant-loving writer by the Bay knows what it's like to cover a World Series winning team. He's done it twice, and we hate him for it! Well, we don't hate him. OK, WE'RE JEALOUS, GAH.

That's Super Joey sliding past Neener Posey.
That's Super Joey sliding past Neener Posey.
Jeff Gross

The San Francisco Giants enter Great American Ball Park to face the Reds tonight in the first of a 4 game series. While they enter fresh off a 5-2 victory over the Colorado Rockies, they're hardly rolling into Cincinnati on a hot streak. Prior to their victory yesterday, the Giants had dropped 6 games in a row and 8 of their last 9, none of which could be described as having come against top competition (Marlins, Dodgers, Rockies). That stretch saw the Giants sink to 39-42 overall, putting them in 4th place in the NL West (albeit just 3 games back from the division leading Arizona Diamondbacks).

I thought it would be a good idea to interview McCovey Chronicles' own Grant Brisbee to get his insights into the current state of his beloved Giants and also to hear some of his thoughts about our own favorite team, the Cincinnati Reds. Grant was nice enough to fly me to San Francisco on the Baseball Nation private jet for the interview. Do us both a favor and don't mention it to Accounting.

Red Reporter - Who is the most GIF-able Red?

Grant Brisbee - Probably Tony Cingrani at this point, right? He's a hard-breather, and he looks like he's going to shoot a porcupine out of his nose before every pitch. Plus, he's a dreamy pitcher. He doesn't even have a Cy Young yet, but I would trade a two-time Cy Young winner for him. I can make some calls if you think the Reds would be interested.

RR - Who would win in an eating contest...Pablo Sandoval, or Jonathan Broxton?

GB - Sandoval is the kind of big that makes you picture him using a straw to eat fried chicken. Jonathan Broxton is the kind of big that makes you picture him silently mouth-breathing behind his dad, the owner of the small-town auto-repair shop explaining to you why the repairs are going to cost $3,000. He doesn't say a word the entire time you're in there.

That's the kind of big Jonathan Broxton is, even if that doesn't make sense. So Sandoval.

RR - You're the Giants GM. Walt Jocketty calls and offers Joey Votto for Buster Posey straight up. Your reaction?

GB - Nah. Even before you get to the age and position, you're exchanging a right-handed hitter for a left-handed hitter, which is a big deal in AT&T Park.

RR - Both the Reds and the Giants are coming off disappointing road trips. We know why Cincinnati has sucked of late...what's up with San Francisco?

GB - They are playing like absolute jackasses. The starting pitching has been pretty okay, but the hitting and bullpen have been dreadful.

RR - So, this Brandon's not the real Brandon Crawford, is it? It can't be, can it?

GB - It isn't! He's been a lot worse lately. Looking back at the Crawford frenzy from the first month is funny. Sample size was going through everyone's wallets the whole time. Why does this always mess us up? I don't know, man, but I'm as guilty as anyone.

If he can even be average, though, he's one of the more valuable Giants. Hopefully he can get back to being at least decent.

RR - I want to see a Pablo Sandoval for Homer Bailey trade this offseason. Do you?
GB - Huh. That's almost plausible. The Giants will need pitching, and they're both under contract for just one more season. I'm pretty sure the Giants are a little wary about a long-term deal for Pablo, too. Not sure why, other than the broken bones and weight.

But, no, I'll keep Pablo around. The Giants have a tougher time finding hitters than they do pitchers, and maybe Sandoval will sign at a relative discount if his hitting doesn't pick up. I'd take that gamble.

RR - The Giants are 38-42 right now. Aside from retribution from the Baseball Gods for the 2012 NLDS, what gives?

GB -The pitching was awful, but the hitting was great. Then the hitting was awful, while the pitching was good. The difference between good and great in those two sentences is the four games under .500. It's been frustrating, to say the least.

RR - It's April 1, 2015...what's Tim Lincecum's salary, and who's paying it?

GB - $5 million, Yankees. He'll have an erratic season next year on a much bigger one-year deal. Then the Yankees will sign him on the cheap, and he'll go back to being a Cy Young candidate.

RR - Do you even care that we were heartbroken after the 2012 NLDS? Do you still think about us?

GB - lol no

Bunch of Latos lovers, you are.

Many thanks to Grant for the interview. And Grant, if you happen to find "VOTTO 4-EVA" carved into the wall of the Gulfstream's bathroom, it wasn't me, I swear.