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This Week in JPEGs: BP sits with a sore wrist, Cozart motors a triple, and CarGo goes CarGone

Oh, is this gonna be a thing now?

Joe Robbins

It's time for another This Week in JPEGs, brought to you MS Paint. We started this thing last week, and the overwhelming favorite was my rendition of Nick Swisher's reaction to 100 mph to-the-chin from Aroldis Chapman, "Nick Swisher thinks Aroldis Chapman is so heinous."


It received 64% of the vote, making it our first-ever winning entry for This Week in JPEGs. We'll probably keep track of this or something and then do something at sometime with it. I guess.

This week's edition features vignettes from the Reds' weekend series in Pittsburgh and their three-game set in Cincinnati against the Rockies.

Brandon Phillips has a sore wrist

Some beanballs were exchanged in Pittsburgh over the weekend as the Pirates are a good baseball team for the first time since George Bush was president (the first George Bush) and are all kinds of eager to show the National League that they belong. Brandon Phillips ended up getting plunked twice in the first two games of the series. He took one off the wrist and has not played since.


It's not bad or nothing, but it's sore enough that they thought he should rest up so he'd be ready for the series with the Cardinals this weekend. He wasn't happy about it, though.

Zack Cozart motors a triple

The Reds lost a heart-breaker on Sunday as Jonathan Broxton gave up a game-tying home run in the eighth inning. It's always tough to watch your team jump out to an early lead only to give it up late. They actually got on the board in the top of the first inning, as Shin-Soo Choo led off with an HBP and Zack Cozart laced a triple to left-center.


Go cart's a-motorin'! I had already drawn this one up and had it ready to go before I realized this happened in Sunday's game against the Pirates instead of Monday against the Rockies. But I really like the Jealowitzki joke, so I don't wanna change it. Vroom.

CarGo goes CarGone

Wednesday night's stink festival was stinky. Games like that will happen over the course of 162, but we even turned on all the fans and opened up all the windows and it's still lingering it was so stinky. Carlos Gonzalez, Fantasy Baseball Stud hit three home runs, two off of conscript Pedro Villareal and one off Manny Parra.


I mean, whatever, really. You know how the old saying goes: "Sometimes you eat the bear, and sometimes the bear jacks it big time like 475 feet or something stupid like that."

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