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Kevin Franklin (3B): Reds 2nd Round pick

The Reds took a high school player with their 3rd pick of the draft in Kevin Franklin. He's a 220 lbs teenage with good power. Franklin is from Lexington, KY, just like KMiB and Grahamophone!

Franklin is on twitter. Follow him @RealKJ44

UPDATE: Franklin has also discovered Red Reporter!



Franklin stands out for his plus power and his ability to use it in games. His aggressive swings produce towering home runs. With that swing, however, come strikeouts and questions about his ability to make enough contact against elite pitching. If Franklin isn't able to make the necessary adjustments as a professional, it won't be for lack of effort. He earns high marks for his makeup and passion for the game. Franklin is a capable defender at third base with a solid arm, though a move to first base may be in his future. He is committed to Arizona State.

Audio, radio interview with Franklin