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Red-io Reporter - Cueto Edition

Trevor Kelsey and I talked Reds baseball yesterday just in time to cover Johnny Cueto's DL announcement.

Duh nuh nuh nuh Duh nuh nuh BATMAN!
Duh nuh nuh nuh Duh nuh nuh BATMAN!

The fine folks on Afternoon Drive at 1450 The Sports Buzz were kind enough to have Red Reporter back on the airwaves yesterday, and conveniently enough, I was on just as the news that Cueto had been scratched hit the wires.

Naturally, we spoke of the impact of Johnny's injury, speculated wildly on whether it was serious or not (since that had yet to be revealed), and postulated on the team's chances with Pedro Villareal at the helm against the best offense in the NL.

We also spoke about Brandon Phillips' injury, the upcoming series against the Cardinals and Cubs, the performance of the pitching staff in the previous series against the Pittsburgh Pirates, my plethora of groupies, and the string of successes the Reds have seen out of their draft picks over the last decade. Trevor also found out that I live in Colorado, which is apparently on the West Coast. Yep.

Check it out! I'm on at the 14 minute mark...and I was greeted with the Batman theme, which kicked ass.