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Red Retweeter: "Twitter is the Worst" Edition

We follow Reds-associated Twitter accounts so you don't have to!

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Because disclosing MPG would be too complex . . .

Good job falling for a homphobic parody account OF YOUR OWN EMPLOYEE

And good effort for using the most overused Twitter excuse in the book. Did the dog eat your Tweet too?


Like there’s no chance it’s both?

More of a Rhythm Method Fan

A-R-O-L-D-I-S spells ROLAIDS, but not necessarily RELIEF







Same injury speed-loving minor league fans have watching him



He coined the term around the time Bono trademarked "Hello."


Jay Bruce Caught Juicing!

And Giraffes . . .


@JohnFayMan RT @MOUTHBREATHER1REDACTED: @MOUTHBREATHER2REDACTED @@MOUTHBREATHER3REDACTED How many World Series titles does Dusty have?//Same as number of non-whining tweets from you boys